• Is your legacy worth protecting?

    Life is a journey defined by the milestones we celebrate along the way. The purchase of a first home, the start of a new career, the birth of our children and grandchildren -- these are just a few of the moments that shape the legacies of our lives. Regardless of where our individual journeys lead us, we all hope one day to experience yet another of life’s milestones: Retirement. It can be a wonderful achievement; a chance to celebrate a lifetime of sacrifice and hard work. But retirement can also be a complex and dangerous endeavor, and without careful planning, your dreams for the future can be shattered. Fortunately, you’ve found a guide with the tools and experience to make your dreams for the future a reality. Welcome to Senior Advising Services!

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    What is Senior Advising Services

    Senior Advising Services is an independent            retirement planning firm dedicated to helping          clients achieve long-term financial success in          retirement.

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    Meet the Founder
    In 2006, Brian founded Senior Advising Services, an independent life, health, and annuity insurance brokerage focused on risk management and insurance solutions for retirees.

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    Senior Advising Services provides expert assistance in all the following retirement areas: Healthcare Planning, Long Term Care Planning, Insurance Planning, Income Planning, Financial Planning and Estate Planning.

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