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Senior Advising Services provides expert assistance in all the following retirement areas:

Healthcare Planning

  • Insurance options before age 65
  • Understanding how Medicare works
  • Evaluating Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage plans
  • Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug plans

Long Term Care Planning

  • Realities of Long Term Care
  • Consequences of Long Term Care for families and spouses
  • Long Term Care insurance planning
  • Planning alternatives to traditional insurance

Life Insurance Planning

  • Traditional life insurance
  • Final/Funeral expense coverage
  • Changing roles of life insurance in retirement
  • Creating a tax-free inheritance with insurance


Income Planning

  • Maximizing your Social Security benefits
  • Minimizing taxes in retirement
  • Guaranteed retirement income for life
  • Strategies to avoid outliving your money

Financial Planning

  • Comprensive financial plan development and management
  • Rollovers of employer retirement plans
  • Annuities and guaranteed income strategies
  • Fee-Based, actively managed investment programs

Estate Planning

  • Understanding Probate and death taxes
  • Estate enhancement using insurance
  • Leaving a financial legacy for children/grandchildren
  • Importance of beneficiary designations
  • Charitable planning/Gifting strategies