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What is Senior Advising Services

Senior Advising Services is an independent retirement planning firm dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term financial success in retirement. Established in 2006 by Managing Principal Brian Brassell, the company is a Pennsylvania licensed insurance brokerage as well as a fee-based financial advisory firm. Acting as a Fiduciary, Brian works with clients to establish clear goals for retirement, while identifying the potential risks and obstacles to those goals. This unique focus on financial security is referred to as “Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation”. After careful consideration and collaboration, a comprehensive financial plan is developed to meet the needs of each client, and the plan is managed and adjusted as needed throughout the course of the client's life.

Please take a few minutes to explore the resources on the website and learn more about the company and the retirement planning process. When you have questions about your own retirement and would like more information, please email Brian at or call (717) 469-4225.